How safe is it to live in Ecuador?

My mother in law and her sister want to move to Ecuador. We don’t think it’s safe, but she claims it is actually very safe. She says it is very cheap to live there so when she retires and lives on a fixed income it would be a good place to live. We have read that people living there with money (like American expatriates) are kidnapped and held for ransom. How safe would you say it is for two older white women in their sixties to live there?

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  1. I live in Guayaquil for 6 years and never had a problem, I have had some trouble of the buses but its just someone trying to open my pocket on my bag..
    I have have been to allot of places I think Ecuador gets a bad rap because of countries like Mexico , Colombia , Venezuala and Brazil , I have been to those places and had troubles….In Columbia this guy followed me around for over one hour until I duct into a store and gave him the slip..

    Your Mother in Law is right, it is safe , the stories you here are same as the bad stuff type stories we hear from the US and Around the world.In the USA
    – California sex offender gets life for raping, murdering teens, Just in the news today I hear of a guy who was tortured for months by his own roommate…That was in Winnipeg Canada , In Austria a women was doused with gasoline and set on fire over a depute, she’s in a coma right now recovering in hospital,
    This is front page news this morning we get here in Ecuador …What i’m trying to say is that won’t stop me from going to those places to live….Hope that helps….I have only heard of one incident with an ex-pat from US , And theres allot of them here…Ren

  2. Ecuador safety rates higher than American cities and higher than most other cities anywhere.

    I own an apartment there and have not encountered anything but a pickpocket incidence in a crowded trolley. I plan to move there hopefully by the end of the year. I am older than your two ladies. I always use caution – never go out at night without a local friend – never go out of town alone – never wear clothes that attract attention or jewelry, but I do that in the U.S., too. I love Quito. Guayaquil has a bad reputation, and so does some of the coast. Kidnapping??? That’s in Columbia. See my website

  3. I’ve lived in Ecuador for many years and would also say it’s safe. Just as safe as anywhere else. It’s a good idea to take safety precautions in the big cities, but nothing that you wouldn’t do anywhere else.

    And retiring in Ecuador is a great way to live on a fixed income. Life is much cheaper and it’s a beautiful country to live in.

  4. im a floridian living in ecuador right now, and i must say i had the same doubts u are having now. rest assured id say there isnt a safer place. people are a bit rude when driving though. i kinda miss my old st pete hood. but on the whole, its a great place to live. specially around beach towns. right now i live in a city called guayaquil which is supposed to be ecuadors biggest and most dangerous city but nothing has ever happened to me yet. in septiember ill move to a beach town called salinas. i just love the beach.

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